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Driver's Assistant & Second Man Training

Driver's Assistant • Second Man • Abnormal Loads • Transport Training

The Driver's Assistant or Second Man assists the Driver undertaking the delivery of abnormal loads and heavy transport operations ensuring the project is completed safely and securely throughout.

Who Should Attend

Driver's Assistants who require transport training and current knowledge updates on the role, the duties and abnormal loads rules and regulations.

Benefits of Attending

It is the responsibility of hauliers to satisfy themselves that their own personnel are sufficiently competent to undertake the task of assisting a Driver during the transportation of abnormal loads or abnormal vehicles. Competent means that they are suitably trained and/or experienced for the role.

Course Content

  • Team working
  • Contribute to the provision of customer services
  • How to prepare the vehicle(s) before use
  • How to check the condition of transport vehicle(s) and load(s) before departure
  • How to effectively communicate with all third parties
  • How to communicate with the Driver appropriately on the road and during reversing manoeuvres
  • How to respond appropriately to emergencies, incidents, unexpected situations and breakdowns
  • How to carry out post-operative checks.

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