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Abnormal Loads & STGO Awareness

Abnormal Loads • Training Course • STGO • Driver CPC


Who Should Attend

The Abnormal Loads and STGO Awareness course discusses topics that a candidate studying for a future assessment would find advantageous during both the theory and practical elements of the Escort Driver qualification.  The training also counts towards the required 35 hours Driver CPC which all professional Drivers must complete.

Benefits of Abnormal Loads & STGO Awareness

Moving from normal loads to Abnormal and Indivisible Loads can be a daunting experience if you have been dealing with general haulage and loads. Do you know the difference between STGO Cat 2 speed limit on a dual carriageway and STGO Cat 1 Speed limit on a Motorway? If not then this may just be the Driver CPC course for you. Drivers can pick up a load that falls outside the boundaries of C&U 1986 and need insight into what to do next.

  • Do I need extra marker flags?
  • Do I need an assistant with me?
  • Why has that driver got a vehicle with amber lights behind it?

There are ten key learning outcomes from the course:

  • To know the abnormal load driver and vehicle legislative requirements.
  • To know the current Codes of Practice and Industry Best Practices.
  • To know the items of equipment required for an abnormal load escort vehicle.
  • To be able to brief all task personnel before departure based on toolbox talks and a pre-movement briefing.
  • To be able to check the condition of transport vehicle(s) and load(s) before departure.
  • To be able to effectively communicate with all third parties and to understand the various types of communication equipment available to abnormal load drivers.
  • To be able to position load and escort vehicles appropriately on the road.
  • To know how to respond appropriately to emergencies, incidents, unexpected situations and breakdowns.
  • Know how to carry out post-operative checks to the abnormal load vehicle(s) and contents.
  • To be able to complete a movement report and forward appropriately.

This course has been fully approved by JAUPT and counts towards driver’s required 35 hours CPC training the first of these courses takes place on Saturday 17th April, book your place today!

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